999 Iconic Apes rocking the solana Metaverse
We're Iconic cause we know what's up.

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What is
Iconic Ape Club?

The Iconic Ape Club  is a collection of 999 unique NFTs built on the Solana blockchain, the concept of the artistic designs is developed through hand-drawn depictions which are fed into the generative programming to make sure each ape is unique and pleasurable in its own way.

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Roadmap 1.0

The 999 Iconic Apes are ready to rock the Solana Metaverse.

We are building a brand that will always keep evolving, we are not a simple NFT project that everyone will forget at the end of the day.

  • (Phase 1)NFT Launch

    -Launch of 999 Iconic Apes

(Phase 2)Build the Community

  • - Creation of the Dao chat and alpha chat with Solaland verification
    - Giveaways  for the Holders
    - Launch of the website
    - Creation of New roles

(Phase 3) Marketing

  • - Discord Marketing
    - Collabs with Celebrities and Influencers
    - Collabs with successful Projects

(Phase 4) Iconic Apes 3D Launch

  • - Airdrop to the Holders  1 IAC = 1 IAC 3D
    - Mint of Iconic apes 3D
    - 3D billboard

Developers and Management Team

We have a comprehensive management and development team dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of the project. With years of combined experience in the blockchain and Digital Marketing, we are well equipped to position the Iconic Ape collection is a unique and adaptive collection that will offer long-term value to shareholders for years to come.

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